The Roots of God's Word in English


On this Web Site you will discover the beginnings of today's English Bible. It is a story that begins some 1,500 years ago — back in the Dark Ages — long before there was an English Language as we know it. Through the years, as our language evolved and as we studied ancient writings and manuscripts, we gained a better understanding of Bible Times and Languages. The natural result of this was to publish new Bible versions that incorporated our new-found knowledge. The purpose of this Web Site is to document that process.

This is also a story of great men who were committed to bringing God's Word to the masses, regardless of the consequences. It is a story of how God Almighty has revealed Himself through the English Language in a way we all can understand. As such, it is a story of God's Love.

We will be upgrading the Bible page pictures on this Site soon. When we first went online, we couldn't use high-resolution images because they just plain took too long to load. Times have changed; Internet speeds have increased; Rescanned images will be loaded soon. Thank you for visiting this Site.

You can explore and see actual examples of our Early English Bibles by using the menu on the left.

  • EARLY VERSIONS:  All major English versions of the Bible from the first, tenative translations through the great King James Version of 1611. A fascinating story unfolds when you 'walk through' all these early translations.
  • SPECIALTY BIBLES & HELPS:   Examples of unusual Bibles, such as dual-version and dual-translation editions. Also included are examples of various study devices created to help in the understanding of Scripture.
  • OTHER TOPICS:  Things that don't fit anywhere else — the development of the Canon, an explanation of the Apocrypha, a look at early scribes and copyists, and even a few of my opinions.
This Site is always under construction.

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