The following resources were used in creating this Web Site. Some of this material was purchased at Used Book Stores, so there may be more recent printings than the ones listed below.

  • 6,000 Years of the Bible   [G. S. Wegener]
    ©1963 Thames and Hudson Ltd     Harper & Row
    352 pages  19 chapters.

    Excellent overview and interesting reading with lots of illustrations.
  • The Ancestry of our English Bible   [Ira Maurice Price]
    ©1956 Harper & Brothers     Harper & Brothers
    363 pages  25 chapters.

    Good information about Bible history. Two-thirds of the book deals with events before Wycliffe.
  • The Authority of the Bible   [Jack Cottrell]
    ©1975 Jack Cottrell     Baker Book House
    94 pages  13 chapters.

    Short chapters designed for Sunday School or group study. Internal issues relating to the Bible; not much discussion of Bible history as such.
  • The Bible: A Modern Understanding   [J. Lindblom]
    ©1973 Fortress Press     Fortress Press
    197 pages  8 chapters.

    Marginally liberal.
  • The Bible and Modern Scholarship   [Sir Frederic Kenyon]
    ©1948 Sir Frederic Kenyon     John Murray
    53 pages  4 chapters.

    Small book. Defends the Bible in light of modern discoveries and modern thinking.
  • The Bible and You   [Edward P. Blair]
    ©1953 Pierce and Washabaugh     Abingdon Press
    154 pages  8 chapters.

    Although marginally liberal in places, an excellent textbook on how to read and intellectually study the Bible. Very down-to-earth.
  • The Bible in the Making   [Geddes MacGregor]
    ©1959 Geddes MacGregor     J. B. Lippincott Company
    447 pages  22 chapters.

    Excellent Bible history book. Appendix I has an interesting comparison of a passage in various English translations.
  • The Bible Through the Ages   [Robert V. Huber, Editor]
    ©1996 Reader's Digest Association     Reader's Digest Association
    384 pages  15 sections.

    Complete Bible history from original writings to today. Easy reading and full of excellent illustrations.
  • The Bible Today   [various]
    ©1955 Harper & Brothers     Harper & Brothers
    208 pages  29 articles.

    Articles run the gamut from the Language of the Old Testament to various English Bible versions.
  • Bible Words in Living Language   [Luther A. Weigle]
    ©1957 Thomas Nelson & Sons     Thomas Nelson & Sons
    100 pages  79 sections.

    An explanation of English words in the KJV that have changed their meaning or become archaic.
  • The Book of the Bible   [Riedel, Tracy & Moskowitz]
    ©1979 William Morrow & Company     William Morrow & Company
    524 pages  58 chapters.

    A little bit about everything. Where else will you find how to build a cherubim?
  • The Books and the Parchments   [F. F. Bruce]
    ©1984 F. F. Bruce     Fleming H. Revell Company
    289 pages  19 chapters.

    Any book by F.F.Bruce is excellent.
  • The Canon of Scripture   [F. F. Bruce]
    ©1988 F. F. Bruce     InterVarsity Press
    349 pages  23 chapters.

    Ditto the comment on the previous book.
  • The Canon of the Old Testament   [Herbert Edward Ryle]
    ©1895 MacMillan & Company     MacMillan & Company
    316 pages  12 chapters.

    An old (1895!) college textbook.
  • The Church -- A Pictorial History   [Edward Rice]
    ©1961 A.M.D.G. Publishing Company     Farrar, Straus & Cudahy
    268 pages  17 chapters.

    History of the Church through the Reformation. Lots of B&W photos.
  • A Complete Guide to Bible Versions   [Phillip W. Comfort, Ph.D.]
    ©1991 Phillip W. Comfort     Tyndale House Publishers
    145 pages  8 chapters.

    About half the book is about modern translations.
  • English Bible Versions   [Philip W. Comfort, Ph.D.]
    ©2000 Tyndale House Publishers     Tyndale House Publishers
    51 pages  6 sections.

    Small book. Brief summaries of all major English translations from before Wycliffe to the New Living Translation.
  • From God to Us   [Geisler & Nix]
    ©1974 Moody Bible Institute     Moody Press
    255 pages  20 chapters.

    Discussion of Bible history, mainly before the 5th Century.
  • A General Introduction to the Bible   [David Ewert]
    ©1983 David Ewert     Zondervan Publishing House
    284 pages  20 chapters.

    Excellent general-purpose Bible history book. This covers just about everything. When researching anything, this book is always where I start.
  • God's Word in our Language   [Robert G. Torbet]
    ©1963 The Judson Press     The Judson Press
    128 pages  13 chapters.

    For adult Sunday School classes.
  • God's Word Written   [J. C. Wenger]
    ©1966 Herald Press     Herald Press
    155 pages  6 chapters.

    Discussion on the nature of Biblical revelation, inspiration and authority.
  • The Gospels: Their Origin & Growth   [Frederick C. Grant]
    ©1957 Frederick C. Grant     Harper & Brothers
    216 pages  12 chapters.
  • A History of Biblical Literature   [Hugh J. Schonfield]
    ©1962 Schonfield Services Ltd.     New American Library
    223 pages  12 chapters.
  • A History of the English Bible   [Jonathan Underwood]
    ©1983 Standard Publishing Company     Standard Publishing Company
    95 pages  13 chapters.

    Just flies -- very short chapters. Covers much material very broadly. Designed for Sunday School use.
  • History of the New Testament in Plain Language   [Clayton Harrop]
    ©1984 Word Incorporated     World Books Publisher
    158 pages  8 chapters.

    Mainly scribal practice, textual criticism and canonization of the New Testament.
  • Holy Writings -- Sacred Text   [John Barton]
    ©1997 John Barton     Westminster John Knox Press
    210 pages  5 chapters.
  • How Came the Bible?   [Edgar J. Goodspeed]
    ©1968 Foster B. Rhodes & Stephan S. Goodspeed     Abingdon Press
    142 pages  13 chapters.

    Generalized study of Bible history. Designed for Sunday School or group study.
  • How our Bible Came to Us   [H. G. G. Herklots]
    ©1954 H. G. G. Herklots     Oxford University Press
    174 pages  11 chapters.

    Lots on early texts and manuscripts
  • How the Bible Became a Book   [Terry Hall]
    ©1990 SP Publications, Inc.     Victor Books
    156 pages  12 chapters.

    Quick overview. Chapters are short. Designed for Sunday School or group study.
  • How the Bible Grew   [Thomas Taylor Faichney]
    ©1954 Canadian Council of Churches     Canadian Council of Churches
    72 pages  10 chapters.

    General Bible history book. Designed for Sunday School or group study.
  • How We Got the Bible   [Neil R. Lightfoot]
    ©1988 Neil R. Lightfoot     Baker Book House
    167 pages  13 chapters.

    For Sunday School or group study. Fast Paced. Excellent layman's explanation of textual criticism.
  • The Indestructible Book   [Ken Connolly]
    ©1996 W. Kenneth Connolly     Baker Books
    192 pages  6 chapters.

    Excellent book that traces Bible history from the time of Jesus through today. Highly illustrated.
  • Interpreting the Old Testament   [Daniel Harrington, S.J.]
    ©1991 The Order of St. Benedict     The Liturgical Press
    160 pages  10 chapters.
  • Introducing the Bible   [William Barclay]
    ©1972 Bible Reading Fellowship     Abingdon Press
    141 pages  6 chapters.

    General overview of Bible history and how to study the Bible.
  • Introductory Guide to the Old Testament   [Merrill F. Unger]
    ©1951 Zondervan Publishing House     Zondervan Publishing House
    420 pages  14 chapters.

    Heavy reading -- like a college text. First a general look at the Old Testament, then a look at each book.
  • Journey of the Bible   [Irving L. Jensen]
    ©1990 Irving L. Jensen     World Wide Publications
    127 pages  6 chapters.

    Well done. Interestingly organized.
  • The King James Version Debate   [D. A. Carson]
    ©1979 Baker Book House Company     Baker Book House
    128 pages  9 chapters.

    Attempts to show that the KJV is no longer the best English version. A little heavy, but interesting.
  • Learning to Know the Bible   [David Schroeder]
    ©1966 Faith and Life Press     Faith and Life Press
    112 pages  10 chapters.

    Designed for Sunday School or group study. Covers the history of the Bible, including inspiration and interpretation.
  • The Making of the Bible   [William Barclay]
    ©1961 William Barclay     Abingdon Press & Lutterworth Press
    96 pages  3 chapters.

    Very early Bible history, including Old Testament history. Ends with Eusibus.
  • The Making of the English New Testament   [Edgar Goodspeed]
    ©1925 University of Chicago     University of Chicago Press
    129 pages  10 chapters.
  • The Making of the New Testament   [Arthur G. Patzia]
    ©1995 Arthur G. Patzia     Inter-Varsity Press
    205 pages  7 chapters.

    Although a little heavy in parts, this is scholarly, yet interesting.
  • The Making of the Old Testament   [Enid B. Mellor, Editor]
    ©1972 Cambridge University Press     Cambridge University Press
    214 pages  6 chapters.

    Three different authors. They write different chapters.
  • New Age Bible Versions   [G. A. Riplinger]
    ©1993 G. A. Riplinger     A. V. Publications
    690 pages  42 chapters.

    It's a 'Battle Royale' -- The KJV against just about every 20th Century English Version ever published!
  • New Testament: Introduction for the General Reader  [Oscar Cullmann]
    ©1968 Westminster Press     Westminster Press
    138 pages  9 chapters.

    General information as well as information about each book. Translated from French.
  • The New Testament: A Contemporary Introduction   [Stevan L. Davies]
    ©1988 Stevan Davies     Harper & Row
    207 pages  9 chapters.

    College textbook analyzing the Gospels and Epistles of the New Testament. Interesting, but liberal.
  • New Testament Background: Selected Documents   [C. K. Barrett]
    ©1961 C. K. Barrett     Harper & Row
    276 pages  12 chapters.

    A college textbook that studies documents about, or written at the same time as, books in the New Testament.
  • New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?   [F. F. Bruce]
    ©1992 The Inter-Varsity Fellowship     Inter-Varsity Press
    128 pages  10 chapters.

    Sounds like it would be liberal in viewpoint, but it's not. Very interesting material.
  • New Testament History   [F. F. Bruce]
    ©1969 F. F. Bruce     Doubleday & Company
    462 pages  30 chapters.

    Generalized history of New Testament times and early church history.
  • The New Testament Octapla   [Luther A. Weigle, Editor]
    Printed 1962     Thomas Nelson & Sons
    1,489 pages.

    Parallel New Testament from Tyndale's Version, Great Bible, Geneva Bible, Bishops' Bible, Rheims Bible, King James Version, American Standard Version, and Revised Standard Version. Really neat.
  • The Old Documents & the New Bible   [J. Patterson Smyth]
    ©1890 J. Patterson Smyth     James Pott & Company
    216 pages  18 chapters.

    An old, but interesting discussion of textual criticism. Many short sections.
  • The Origin & Character of the Bible   [Jabez T. Sunderland]
    ©1936 Jabez T. Sunderland     Beacon Press
    291 pages  27 chapters.

    Heavy reading, but quite interesting. Most likely a college textbook.
  • The Origin of the Bible   [Philip Comfort, Editor]
    ©1992 Tyndale House Publishers     Tyndale House Publishers
    308 pages  15 articles.
  • Origins of the Gospels   [Floyd V. Filson]
    ©1938 Floyd V. Filson     Abingdon Press
    216 pages  7 chapters.

    History and textual criticism of the Gospels.
  • Our English Bible in the Making   [Herbert Gordon May]
    ©1952 W. L. Jenkins     The Westminster Press
    154 pages  10 chapters.
  • The Romance of Bible Scripts & Scholars   [John H. P. Reumann]
    ©1965 Prentice-Hall     Prentice-Hall
    248 pages  8 chapters.

    Interesting off-the-wall information and stories not found elsewhere.
  • Roots of Christianity   [Michael Walsh]
    ©1986 Roxby Reference Books     Grafton Books
    256 pages  11 chapters.

    History of the Church through the Third Century
  • A Short Introduction to the Gospels   [Ernest DeWitt Burton]
    ©1904 Ernest DeWitt Burton     University of Chicago Press
    144 pages  5 chapters.

    Textbook.  Rather liberal.
  • So Many Versions?   [Kubo & Specht]
    ©1983 Zondervan Corporation     Zondervan Publishing House
    401 pages  20 chapters.

    Summary of all major 20th Century English language versions. Well done.
  • The Story of the Apocrypha   [Edgar J. Goodspeed]
    ©1939 University of Chicago     University of Chicago Press
    150 pages  18 chapters.

    Brief summary of the Apocrypha in general and summaries of the contents of each book.
  • Strange Facts About the Bible   [Webb Garrison]
    ©1968 Webb Garrison     Pillar Books
    350 pages  16 chapters.

    Small, half-page articles on just about anything relating to the Bible. Interesting.
  • The Study of the Bible   [Ernest Cadman Colwell]
    ©1937 University of Chicago     University of Chicago Press
    186 pages  6 chapters.

    Moderately liberal viewpoint. Christianity is referred to as "the cult" (!)
  • Testament: The Bible & History   [John Romer]
    ©1988 John Romer     Henry Holt & Company
    367 pages  7 chapters.
  • The Text & Canon of the New Testament   [Alexander Souter]
    ©1920 Charles Scribner's Sons     Charles Scribner's Sons
    254 pages  18 chapters.

    10 chapters on text; 8 chapters on canon. College textbook written by scholars for scholars, but not a bad book.
  • The Text of the Old Testament   [Ernst Würthwein]
    ©1979 Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing     Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
    246 pages  16 chapters.

    Lots of illustrations of manuscripts in the back. Text is slow-going, partly because it has been translated from German.
  • Thirteen Lessons on Church History   [Morris Womack]
    ©1990 College Press Publishing     College Press Publishing
    166 pages  13 chapters.

    For Sunday School or group study. Good, basic church history from Pentecost to the Reformation.
  • Toward Understanding the Bible   [Georgia Harkness]
    ©1954 Georgia Harkness     Abingdon Press
    138 pages  5 chapters.

    General overview of how and why the Bible was written. Also included: "Great Ideas of the Bible."
  • What Is the Bible   [Henri Daniel-Rops]
    ©1958 Hawthorn Books     Hawthorn Books
    128 pages  12 chapters.

    A little bit of everything. Written from a Roman Catholic viewpoint.
  • What the Bible Can Mean For You   [Reginald W. Deitz]
    ©1962 Muhlenberg Press     Muhlenberg Press
    52 pages  4 chapters.
  • Which Bible?   [David Otis Fuller, D.D.]
    ©1975 Grand Rapids International Publications     Grand Rapids International Publications
    350 pages  23 chapters.

    Discussion of very early versions and a close look at textual criticism.
  • The Wisdom of the Fathers   [Erik Routley]
    ©1957 Erik Routley     Westminster Press
    128 pages  8 chapters.

    Each chapter is about an early church leader.
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