I Chronicles 12:38 - 13:14
(Matthew's Bible, 1549 Edition)
Notes on this Example

NOTES on this Example:
  • Black Gothic Old English typeface was used in most of these early Bibles. The typeface closely resembled the writing of copyists, who copied the Bible by hand before the invention of printing with movable type. The printing here may look similar to copyists' handwriting, but it is sure can be hard to read; letters and words can be very hard to distinguish. At first glance, this page might not even appear to be in English!

  • This example shows well the "creative spelling" that was common at that time. Don't be thrown by words like syngyng (singing), flowre (floor), or reasyngs (raisins). The word spelled geather was used for both the words gather and [to]gether. Don't let the extra letters confuse you in words like monethes (months), sende (send), and whome (home).

  • The last word at the bottom of the page -- After -- is the first word on the next page. If the Bible was being read aloud, this extra word or two at the bottom of the page was to make it easier to keep reading while turning the page. This practice was common in most 16th. Century Bibles.

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