I Chronicles 14:1 - 15:27
(Matthew's Bible, 1549 Edition)
Notes on this Page

NOTES on this Page:
  • As you can see, there are no verse divisions in the text; they hadn't been developed yet. Instead, chapters were divided into 5 or 6 lettered sections called "lecterns" -- each chapter starting with "A". The 14th Chapter is divided into four lecterns -- "A" through "D". You can see these letters in the left margin. Under this notation, this page contains I Chronicles 14:a through I Chronicles 15:d.

  • Even though there were no verse numbers, cross references to other Scripture were included in the margins. Notice the last notation at the bottom of the right margin: ii.Reg.vi.c, which references II Kings 6:c.

  • If you are struggling to read the text -- join the group. The Old English typeface was certainly not chosen for ease of reading.
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