Psalm 23:1 - Psalm 24:9
(King James Version, 1611 Edition)
Notes on this Example

NOTES on this Example:
  • Note that, pursuant to instructions given by King James himself, the only notes found in the margins were alternative translations for Hebrew words (these are in italics), and references to other Scripture (which are in normal Roman type).

  • Rather than use italics, words that are not included in the original language are printed in Roman type. It served the same purpose — to distinguish these words from the original language. These extra words were there simply to make good English sentence structure.

  • This example shows well the "creative spelling" that was common at that time. Don't be thrown by words like battell (battle), oyle (oil), or mightie (mighty). Don't let the extra letters confuse you in words like mee (me), greene (green), and seeke (seek). Seems like every other word has a silent "e" stuck to it.

  • The printer of this version, Robert Barker, committed himself to not using the abbreviations and shortcuts found in almost all earlier Bible versions. Although there were some abbreviations used in the marginal notes, every word of Scripture text was fully spelled out. This helped the readability.

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