I Corinthians 15:39 - 53
(Geneva Translation, 1599 Edition)
Notes on this Example

NOTES on this Example:
  • One of the characteristic features of the Geneva Translation was its extensive use of Marginal Notes. This sample shows how these Notes could sometimes 'take over a page'. The actual Bible text is in the larger letters; you can see the verses numbered from 39 to 53). Everything else in small letters were Notes and Commentary. Here there are more than twice as many words in the Notes as there are in the actual Scripture Text.

  • The printer of this edition, Christopher Barker, obviously did not have an italic letter "W", so he made his own by printing two "V"'s. See verse 46, the italicized words "vvas" and "vvhich".

  • This example shows well the "creative spelling" that was common at that time. Don't be thrown by words like bodie (body), glorie (glory), or beautie (beauty). Don't let the extra letters confuse you in words like starres (stars), sowen (sown), and farre (far).
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