General Title Page
First Edition, Coverdale Bible

Notes on this Page

NOTES on this Page:
    The Title Page to the first edition of the Coverdale Bible set the standard for Title Pages in later versions of the English Bible. There is a lot going on in this page. The thought that went into the symbolism was outstanding.

    At the top center of the page, set within concentric rays of light (probably representing the rising sun) is the sacred Hebrew name of God -- sometimes called the "tetragrammation." To the left, showing the fall of Man, are Adam, Eve and the deceiving serpent. To the right is Christ victorious, treading on the head of the serpent.

    To the left of the Title are Old Testament pictures. First is Moses receiving the Ten Commandments, complete with Scripture reference -- Exo[dus] 20. Below that is Ezra reading the Law to the people; on the bottom step is the reference I Esdre 9, from the Apocryphal book of I Esdras.

    New Testament pictures are on the right. The top one is Christ giving the Great Commission and its reference of Marci [Mark] 16. Below is Peter preaching at Pentecost -- Actvvm [Acts] 2.

    The picture at the bottom of the page shows King Henry VIII himself, on the throne, handing a copy of the Scriptures to a group of bishops on the left. Knealing on the right side of the King is a group of Noblemen. This scene represents the King's authority over both Church and State. Below the King is the Royal Coat of Arms with the Latin motto -- "HONY SOYT QUI MAL Y PENSE" ("Evil to him who evil thinks"). To the far left is David playing his harp, and the bottom right shows St. Paul.

    In the center, below the actual title, are three verses:

      II Thessalonians 3  (God the Father)
      Pray for us that the word of God may have free passage, and be glorified, etc.

      Colossians 3  (Christ the Son)
      Let the word of Christ dwell in you plentiously in all wisdon, etc.

      Joshua 1  (Indwelling of the Holy Spirit)
      Let not the book of this law depart out of thy mouth, but exercise thyself therein day and night, etc.

    A powerful lot of thought and work went into the creation of this Title Page.
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