New Testament Title Page
Coverdale Bible

Notes on this Page

NOTES on this Page:
    Just like the General Title Page, the Coverdale Bible's New Testament Title Page is full of well-done woodcuts appropriate to this section of the Bible.

    At the four corners of the page are pictures of the four Evangelists with the symbols typically associated with each:
          [Upper Left]   Matthew with an Angel.
          [Upper Right]  Mark with a Lion.
          [Lower Left]   Luke with an Ox.
          [Lower Right]  John with an Eagle.

    The center top woodcut shows Christ victorious over death. At the bottom center, Christ is symbolized as the sacrificial lamb.

    You may notice that the order of the New Testament Books are not quite what you expect. They start out normally with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but by the end of the New Testament, books are out of order. This way of listing New Testament Books goes back to Martin Luther, who did not feel that Hebrews, James, Jude and Revelation were equal to other New Testament books in inspiration. So he put them at the end. His ordering was then followed by William Tyndale when he created his English New Testament; Coverdale was simply following in the footsteps of previous Bible translators. Regardless of where they appear in the list, all 27 New Testament books were included in the Coverdale Bible.

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