Jeremiah 31:23 - 31:28
(Coverdale Bible, 1535, First Edition)
Notes on this Example

NOTES on this Example:
  • By looking at the cross references in the margin, it is easy to see that chapters were divided into lettered sections. This results in references like "Esa. 62.a" ("Esa" being the abbreviation for "Isaiah"), "Matt. 5.a", and "Deu. 28.g". Note also the large "E" in the margin; this passage is "Jeremiah 31.e".

  • What's a dictionary? Many years would pass before standardized spelling became the norm. Do not let the "creative spelling" and unusual typeface get the best of you:

    bridegroom of righteousness
    bridegroom of righteousness

    these words shall be ...
    these words shall be heard in ye land

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